Specialty Classes

Class Name Day Of Week Time Age Teacher
Bollywood Monday 07:30 pm—08:30 pm Adult Staff
Common Ground Hip -Hop Tuesday 07:30 pm—08:30 pm Guest
Kaba Modern Hip-Hop Wednesday 08:30 pm—09:30 pm 14+ Guest
Good Project Hip-Hop Friday 07:30 pm—08:30 pm 14+ Guest
Kaba Kids Hip-Hop Sunday 04:00 pm—05:00 pm 12 – 18 Guest
K-Pop Wednesday 05:30 pm—06:30 pm 9 – 15 Michelle
K-Pop Wednesday 06:30 pm—07:30 pm 16+ Michelle
K-Pop/Heels Friday 07:30 pm—08:30 pm 16+ Michelle
Salsa Wednesday 06:30 pm—07:30 pm 18+ Jazley
Salsa Thursday 07:30 pm—08:30 pm Adult Frank
Salsa Women Styling Thursday 08:30 pm—09:30 pm Adult Frank
Tap Int/Adv Friday 07:30 pm—08:30 pm Adult Sam
Tap Jam Friday 08:30 pm—09:30 pm Adult Sam
Class Name Day Of Week Time Age Teacher