Amy Bui

  • A.A. in Art, Humanities and Communications
  • A.A. in Social Behavioral Sciences
  • B.A. in Educational Sciences Candidate with emphasis on Digital Learning & Media

Amy Bui has been dancing since the age of three and entered the field of competitive dance at the age of nine. As a FOCUS Alumni, she has had the honor of being trained by the FOCUS faculty at the competitive level of dance. She has been teaching and has had the privilege of assisting Monie Adamson since the age of fifteen.

Her passion and enthusiasm for dance can not only be seen while performing on stage, but also in the classroom. As an aspiring artist, she hopes to inspire and teach her students the joys dance can bring to one’s life.

She hopes to continue to work with the current talent within the dance industry and in doing so, develop her own artistic talent. In addition to her for passion dance, she is currently studying Journalism and hopes to pursue a future in that field.

Note: All FOCUS faculty have been background checked.