Jayne-Mari Garland

Jayne-Mari Garland: Bio (Ballet/Dance Conditioning)


Jayne-Mari Garland received much of her classical ballet training from Lila Zali, founder of Ballet Pacifica.  Jayne-Mari has also studied with and performed with Capistrano Ballet Theater (now, Anaheim Ballet) and the Golden State Ballet Company.  She has performed in musical theater, and has studied numerous dance disciplines including International Latin Dance in which she briefly competed.

Although Jayne-Mari enjoys performing, she especially loves teaching and choreography.  She has been teaching dance and dance conditioning for over 20 years.  For many years she successfully trained and choreographed youth elite dance groups for national dance competitions, and has been noted and awarded for her choreography.  Jayne-Mari has also served as the dance coach at several gymnastic training centers, developing gymnasts’ lines, fluidity of movement and performance quality for competitions at local, regional, and national levels.

Presently, Jayne-Mari teaches classical ballet, and stretch/dance conditioning, a class that integrates and balances several important aspects of dance fitness including enhanced body awareness/coordination, improved physical strength, core work, and muscle flexibility,

Jayne-Mari’s foremost priority as an instructor, coach, and choreographer is to provide a positive and safe environment, where students are encouraged to believe in themselves, and develop classical and correct technique in order to achieve all they can.  Jayne-Mari Garland holds a Master of Arts degree from California State University, Fullerton.

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