Come Take A FREE Lyrical/Contemporary Class!

Take A FREE CLASS in Lyrical and/or Contemporary from Monday, October 14th through Saturday the19th!!!

Both Lyrical and Contemporary are especially popular with dancers of all ages (starting at age 8) due to popular music, and less structured style of movement than ballet.

Lyrical is a combination of ballet, jazz, and contemporary, set to popular slower songs, evoking emotion and story-telling with a less structured vocabulary than ballet. 

Contemporary is an expressive style that combines modern, ballet, hip-hop. and lyrical, with additional elements of athleticism. Contemporary evokes deep emotions of the mind, body, soul, and spirit that is driven by the meaning of popular songs.

Here’s an opportunity to take a FREE CLASS, express yourself through lyrical and contemporary, elevate your spirit, and try out a class you’ve been thinking about joining! Register and enroll on the same day and get $10.00 off your registration fee.

Get Moving in your Halloween Costume!

Wear your Halloween costume to class to celebrate Halloween.

Students are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes to class on October 25th through Halloween, October 31st. And be on the look-out for some treats from FOCUS office and instructors!

On Thursday, October 31st classes starting at 5:30 PM and later will be canceled so our students can have the treat to go Trick or Treating! The studio and office will be closing at 6 PM. Class vouchers will be provided for those classes.

Tip from Monie…Start your day with a feel-good stretch!

What better way to get the day started, than to stretch those arms above your head, and stretch your legs, point those toes and let out a big yawn, and those feel-good sounds! Next, flex your feet, point your feet, then rotate your feet in a circle to wake up those ankles! Don’t forget to twist your lower body with your right leg bent over the left leg (while lying flat on your back), hold it for 2 counts of 8, and repeat on the other side, all before getting out of your soft comfy bed! Now you’re ready to go and start your day! 



You’re Getting Measured!

Prep for FOCUS Concert Series 2020 is in full swing! Be sure to make your classes to get measured for your performance in June 2020, now through October 26th. And remember to place and purchase or order for the FOCUS Concert Series by October 31st to receive $5 off!

Regular price starting November 1st and prices go up starting December 1st!

Take advantage before it’s too late!

Meet Dante….

A popular instructor, Dante Lara has been teaching Tap for over five years at FOCUS. His passion for tap dancing shines through in his classes here at FOCUS. Dante instructs the art of tap to all ages and levels.

Dante is based in both NY and L.A. and has been seen in performing in nightclubs, major music festivals, jazz clubs, restaurants, corporate events, hotels, videos, and on TV. A graduate of Chapman University with a BA in Theatre Arts, Dante earned his SAG card at age seven and has been performing professionally ever since.

“My mission is to spread Tap Dancing to new audiences and to inspire everyone – especially the next generation of dancers – to sign up for classes, and explore this wonderful, musical dance form.”

Dante will keep your toes tapping….


FDC National Inner Beauty Day 2019

October 7th is National Inner Beauty Day. The goal is to celebrate the exceptional core qualities of the human spirit that we often overlook – inner beauty. We all have a story, a passion that expresses who we are as individuals and our inner beauty strengthens as we embrace it without filtering it through someone else’s definition of beauty.

My inner beauty is my passion to nurture growing dancers to give them the freedom to express themselves and challenge their own creative spirit. Find your inner beauty and I hope you celebrate your beautiful inner-self with love!




TIME TO PURCHASE YOUR HONORS PERFORMANCE COSTUME for the FOCUS Concert Series! SPECIAL for Universal students $5 off regular price of $95 Order and pay on or before October 31, 2019 and Save! Regular price starting November 1 and prices go up starting December 1! Take advantage before it’s too late!


SPECIAL for Universal students $5 off regular price of $95. Order and pay on or before October 31, 2019 and Save!

Regular price starting November 1 and prices go up starting December 1!

Take advantage before it’s too late!

It’s Another Great Sale!

Come find the perfect COSTUME for Trick or Treating, or for that fun-filled Halloween party! So many awesome costumes to choose from…here’s a sneak peek at some of the options available at a great price!

Sale begins October 1, so come see the full selection that’s not pictured here, before it’s too late!

Chinese Moon Festival

Thank you to the Chinese Moon Festival for inviting FOCUS to participate in their wonderful event on Sept. 15! Our very own faculty member, Kameryn, closed the event with an audience participation line dance that added some additional fun to this wonderful and exciting evening of entertainment, karaoke, dining, and networking.

FOCUS Participates in Festival of Children

FOCUS was honored to be a part of the Festival of Children celebrating the magic of childhood for the month of September!

This event is held annually each September at South Coast Plaza. It is a month-long celebration of childhood showcasing more than 75 Children’s charities that offer support, services, and volunteer opportunities to the community, and raising awareness of their important work.

Check out the fun photo-video below capturing the magic of the FOCUS Competition Dancers being featured at this wonderful event. We hope you will be able to experience this wonderful festival before it comes to an end!


Three Award-Winning FOCUS Competing Programs!

Are you new to FOCUS, missed our auditions, and interested in competing? Would you like to know more about our three award-winning programs?

Come be inspired and challenged to start your FOCUS Competition journey today!
Here are just a few of our competing dancers and choreographers celebrating their successes at competitions and conventions!

One of our dancers celebrating her amazing win at competition with one of our competing teachers!
Dancers congratulating their friend on his success at dance convention!
More outstanding FOCUS dancers celebrating their first overall win
at competition with their teacher!
Life-long friendships that are created from being part of FOCUS competing!

FOCUS offers three award-winning competing programs:

  • “FOCUS Company” for the Intermediate/advanced dancer
  • “Club FOCUS” for the Beginning/Intermediate dancer
  • Competition Starter Program for the beginner
Each program is designed to give professional dance training, while building self-confidence, teamwork, determination, responsibility, commitment, a fulfilling dance experience, and life long friendships.
Questions? Email us at, and let your competition journey begin!

And check out one of our outstanding award-winning competing groups here!