Mid-Season Schedule


….of classes that are NOW a part of our already fantastic on going schedule.

if you want to dance NOW then this MID-SEASON SCHEDULE is just for YOU!! This is a great time to introduce your student to the wonderful world of dance and get them prepared for our regular season which is fast approaching.

We are running our MID-SEASON SCHEDULE as a 9-week course and we welcome you to join at any time during the 9 weeks. Any classes that are missed due to late registration, illness or for whatever reason during the 9 weeks are eligible for a make-up per our regular season policy.

Classes will begin the week of April 10th and will continue though June 10th

The 9-week course will be a one-time fee of $120 and is payable upon registration. All registrations received by April 30th will receive COMPLIMENTARY registration and will not be required to pay the registration fee of $25 per student.



TUESDAY – 3:30 Tiny Dancer Ballet – 3.5 – 6yrs.

TUESDAY – 3:30 Jazz Technique – 7 – 11yrs.

TUESDAY – 7:30 Adult Tap – 14 – Adult

FRIDAY – 5:30 Hip Hop – 7 – 12yrs.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOU ALSO JOINING US IN OUR NEW LOCATION, for the New Dance Season beginning on July 5th 2017 and running thru June 2018! In the new Season, along with on going professional dance instruction, we have our end of the season concert series at the Barclay Theater to show case the progress and accomplishments of the dancers. While we are looking forward to including your dancer in our yearlong program for the upcoming 2017-2018 season beginning on July 5th 2017, in the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing you for our special Mid-Season Schedule!