“TOGETHER” Honors Performance Tickets On Sale Now for FOCUS Families Only!

Tickets for the June 20-23 Honors Performance Presentation Series go on sale today (Tuesday, May 1) at 10 a.m. This exclusive sale for the families of FOCUS dancers continues through Thursday, May 31. Tickets will go on sale for the public starting Friday, June 1.

Tickets do SELL OUT, so act quickly to get the number of seats your family needs on the dates you want to attend.

We hope the following information will help make your ticket-buying experience a breeze. We’ve put together some tips from parents who have been through this process before to help you plan your purchase.

*Please note that only those with pre-sale access codes will be able to purchase tickets before 10 a.m. on May 1.

The best and fastest place to buy tickets is ONLINE through the Irvine Barclay Theatre’s website. You will be able to choose your own seats from the available inventory. There is a $3 service charge per ticket.
Click on the link below to purchase your tickets:
Other Methods of Buying Tickets
You can purchase tickets by calling 949.854.4646 x1. Please note that if you choose to purchase tickets by phone, you may experience long hold times and you will still pay the same $3 per ticket service charge as you would online.  Keep in mind that while you are waiting on hold, another buyer may be online purchasing the very tickets you would like to have!
You can purchase tickets in person at the Barclay Theatre Box Office window starting at 10 a.m. on May 1. Customarily, there are long lines with extended wait times (Are you noticing a theme here? We really think buying online is best!!), and although the service charge is less ($1 per ticket), we have found that most people find the convenience of internet or phone sales to be worth the service charge since the wait in line can be well over an hour. Remember, while you are waiting in line, other people are snapping up those good seats from their computer!
TIP 2:

Before you buy, be certain you know which dates/times your dancer is performing. The Barclay does not have show listings nor are they able to tell you on which side of the stage your dancer will be positioned during their piece(s). A performance/dress rehearsal schedule grid personalized for your dancer was emailed to you on March 31 from focusdancecenter@aol.com.

Please email connect@focusdance.com or call the office at 949-737-5151 with any questions.

TIP 3:
ALL ATTENDEES, REGARDLESS OF AGE, must have a ticket to enter the auditorium. This includes babes in arms and small children who will be sitting on a parent’s lap. Please plan your purchase accordingly.
TIP 4:
If your dancer wishes to sit in the auditorium for a portion of the performance, please note the following:
  • You must adhere to call times as established by the studio, and
  • Your dancer MUST have a ticket, and
  • To maintain a professional performance experience, your dancer may not be in costume when entering the auditorium.
Other Important Information
Remember that no photography or videography is permitted in the auditorium. You will receive information about purchasing professional video recordings of the shows.We hope this helps make your ticket buying experience the best possible. See you at the Honors Performance shows!