A Carnal Agreement by Silvia Violet

. Read more Cassandra Braxton, Viscountess Reddington, has rarely moved into the company, but this season she felt compelled to provide moral support to her sister when Amanda made her debut. Cassandra wasn`t a fan of the crowded balls filled with intrusive moms eager to see their young daughters get married. But for her sister`s sake, she was willing to endure almost anything. Read instantly in your browser with Kindle Cloud Reader. The intruder let his champagne flow in a sip when chaos broke out in the ballroom. He left before one of Katherine`s stunned parents could answer, and his way to Cassandra. As he passed in front of her, his arm touched her bare shoulder. The heat of his body was a shock to his system. When she stabilized, she looked for him in the crowd, but he was gone. After being ridiculed by the woman he loved, Mark Foxwood retired to the countryside to spend the winter months alone. When Cassandra bursts into his office, he is excited and provoked by her determination.

As the two grow closer, Mark realizes that Cassandra`s open and honest passion is the only thing that can save him from despair. Katherine`s father continued to roar, and Cassandra`s attention went astray. She observed a fairly visible man standing in one of the doors leading to the balcony. He was almost covered by a large potted plant, but she saw him well enough to say he wasn`t wearing a jacket. His tie was loose and his vest was pitifully wrinkled. One could assume that he was in an argument or that he had climbed to the side of the house to reach the balcony instead of using the stairs. Using your mobile phone`s camera – scan the code below and download the Kindle app. Cassandra forced herself to stop looking before anyone noticed her inappropriate attention. Katherine`s brother gave his blessing to the engaged couple. He continued to complain about what a Southwood upright man was when the stranger approached the family from the balcony, as if to give the next speech. The fascinating man turned around to face the crowd.

“I can see that you didn`t expect me. But since I`m here, I thought the happy couple would be offended if I didn`t offer toast. He looked down at his empty glass of champagne. “Explosion! It`s empty. Cassandra refuses to be defeated and conspires to keep Reddington`s death a secret. She goes to Mark Foxwood` house, a pretty rake she admires from afar, and makes an outrageous suggestion. However, she had been tempted to suddenly have a headache and apologize for the festivities of this special evening. Cassandra`s aunt and sister attended an engagement ball in honor of Cassandra`s former classmate, Lady Katherine Wentworth. When Cassandra left Miss Langford`s Girls` Academy, she hoped never to see Katherine again. The party went like any other. Cassandra dutifully circulated around the ballroom and several small lounges, cleverly avoiding Katherine and other young women she didn`t want to talk to. At the time of the solemn announcement of the engagement and the congratulatory speeches that followed, she breathed a sigh of relief.

She was soon able to go home and get her bed. Silvia Violet writes erotic romances in a variety of genres, including paranormal, contemporary, and historical. She can be found in haunting cafes looking for the darkest and strongest cup of coffee she can find. Once equipped with the fuel she needs, she can sit happily for hours and pound on her laptop. Silvia usually leaves the house dressed as a suburban housewife, and other coffee shoppers tend to ask her hilarious questions like “Do you write children`s books?” She likes to look at the looks on her faces when they learn what she`s doing. When she`s not writing, Silvia enjoys cooking delicious treats, exploring new cooking styles, and reading to her incorrigible offspring. Hectic whispers rustled in the crowd. Lady Bowerton seemed to faint. Katherine`s face turned red and she walked between the two men. Katherine`s brother stopped in the middle of the sentence, and the stranger took the break as his signal to begin with. “I couldn`t resist taking this opportunity to express my congratulations.” He bypassed Katherine and freed Southwood from his champagne. The Count`s eyes widened, but he said nothing.

Cassandra expected infantrymen to come forward and kidnap the intruder, but even the servants seemed too intrigued to move. Some promotions may be combined; others cannot be combined with other offers. For more information, please refer to the terms and conditions associated with these promotions. “You`ve had enough, sir,” Katherine said. “It would be better if you left before you continue to embarrass yourself.” “Oh no, my dear.” He dared to reach out and caress her face. “Learning your true nature has made me more sober than ever.” Cassandra took a few steps back from the crowd to better study this curious man. He was tall, several inches taller than six feet and more muscular than most men in the trash. He seemed to be using his body for much stronger things than climbing a kurricle through Hyde Park. His golden hair and the strong lines of his face reminded him of a lion hunting. Something about her seemed familiar, although she would certainly remember the occasion if they had been officially introduced. He was not a man that many women would forget. You agree to receive an automated text message from or on behalf of Amazon through the Kindle app at your mobile phone number above.

Consent is not a condition for a purchase. Message and data plans may apply. . When he emptied his glass of champagne, he smiled angrily. What was he doing? By clicking Send Link, you agree to Amazon`s Terms of Service. The man smiled and raised his glass. “To an old-school buddy.” He looked at Southwood, Congratulations for securing the hand of the coldest in all of London. . Cassandra Braxton`s husband, Viscount Reddington, made her life hell. When he is murdered, she cannot mourn him, especially if he continues to torment her from beyond the grave.

Her will states that she can only claim her inheritance if she has a child. The article is a cruel joke. Reddington never finished the marriage. Unfortunately, she had seen her former classmate several times in recent years, once in a rather compromising position. .