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FOCUS is continuing to refine the excellence in our teaching program, are moving into the next phase of our process of transitioning over to the ABT leveling and Ballet Curriculum for the new 2019.20 Season.

The ABT Curriculum and Leveling system is a premier program, that allows for a more detailed leveling within each syllabus, giving an even more customized experience to each and every dancer here at FOCUS. The FOCUS and ABT syllabi, though the same in content, are different in regard to curriculum breakdown so a FOCUS level 2 is not equal to an ABT level 2. The classes we have listed on our New 2019.20 Season Schedule are a reflection of the current student evaluation needs and community interest. If you are unable to find the class(es) you have been evaluated at for the new season, we will re-access your level of ability and find the perfect class(es) to fit your training needs. All teachers will be evaluating the dancers in the first weeks of the new season (and on-going) to ensure dancers have been placed in the correct class for their level of ability.

2019-2020 Schedule
Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Download the most recent FOCUS Dance Center Season 2019-2020 here. Look for exciting new classes and offers.