Benefits of Dance for Children in All Areas of Life | May 5, 2022


Let’s face it, as parents we want our children to succeed, however you define success. And let’s all agree we want to make sure they are best equipped to achieve their goal. Believe it or not, dance classes can help your child develop work and learning skills that will help set up your child for success for their entire life.

We all have different reasons why we enroll children in dance classes—for the health benefits, to expand their creativity, or simply because they love the art of dance.


A Choreographer's Inspiration | April 21, 2022


There are times as a choreographer when creating a piece of choreography can have an even greater lasting impact than could have been imagined. One of those such dances for me was “High Hopes”.

When I began the process of creating this competition tap dance, November 19, 2019 my first goal was to reflect the powerful lyrics of the song “High Hopes” (by Panic! At The Disco),


A Brief History of Ballet | April 8, 2022


“Ballare.” It’s Italian which means “to dance.” And it is in Italy where the history of ballet begins. Terms such as “ballet” and “ball” originates from the word “ballare.” Ballet's origin can be traced to the Italian Renaissance, where it was just a mere court entertainment. During the 15th and 16th centuries the dance technique became formalized. When Italian-born aristocrat Catherine de Médicis married Henry II of France, the heart of the art moved to France with her. Catherine de Medici introduced early dance styles into court life in France.


What Motivates One to Dance? | March 24, 2022

Monie with a younf FDC student

I believe for me the motivation began at age five when I was always dancing to music and found the connection of the two filled me up with such glee that I was forever changed! My wonderful parents recognized my love for dance and immediately signed me up for dance classes! Not only did dance fill my heart with joy, but it also motivated and inspired me, gave me confidence, taught me responsibility and teamwork, put me in great physical shape, and gave me an amazing social connection to my peers.


Inclusivity & Art of Dance | March 7, 2022


Inclusivity is a hot topic with many having very specific views on the subject. And how we move forward to ensure all are accepted, and welcomed. For me, inclusivity is and has always been synonymous with the art of dance, when the dancer is truly pure of heart and fully embraces the magical connection of movement/rhythm to their heart, mind, body and soul. When this is achieved, there is no room for negativity or short sighted judgment of others.


Stretching: Easily Overlooked | February 17, 2022


Stretching. It is definitely one of those things easily overlooked when it comes to working out. It’s very easy to brush it off. May be your schedule is too tight or maybe it’s because you don’t “see” the results of stretching that you don’t take it seriously enough. Knowing the benefits of stretching can help you better understand why stretching is important to your daily life. But for an athlete and a dancer, you better make sure it’s deeply rooted to your pre and post exercise/class routine.


A Silver Lining: The Multi-faceted Health and Wellness Benefits of Dance and Fitness | February 3, 2022

FDC Pre Ballet Class

As the saying goes, “Every cloud has a silver lining”, and wow does that ring true in a way we could have never imagined during this pandemic. As we all rose to the monumental challenges put before us, we also bared witness to the magical and additional multi-faceted benefits the valued arts enrichment of dance and fitness brings to us all. As the pandemic challenged our abilities to stay safe and think outside the box, we were determined, dedicated, and driven to continue bringing dance and fitness to our community, no matter the obstacles. However, all the while not realizing the additional long reaching Read more...