Be inspired and challenged in one of our three FOCUS Competition Programs.

FOCUS Dance Center (FDC) is 12,000 square feet of new state-of-the-art dance training grounds, in the heart of beautiful Irvine, California. Our competing programs are designed to give dancers of all ages and levels, professional dance training while building self-confidence, teamwork, determination, drive, a fulfilling dance experience, and life-long friendships. (Please see information about our pandemic plans attached.)


Starter Program – For the Beginning dancer – Audition is not required. This competing program is designed for the entry-level dancer. Ages 4-6 and Ages 7-11yrs.

Minimum Requirements:

  • (1) Competition (TBA)
  • Weekly training in Technique/Combo class, Monday or Tuesday at 3:30 pm and (1) Ballet class, and (1) Jazz class
  • Concert Series on pandemic hold
  • Summer Dance Camp/Workshop and Convention recommended

Club FOCUS – For the Beginning/Intermediate dancer This competing program requires less commitment than the Company program.


  • (1) Convention, (2) Competitions
  • Dedicated commitment to training throughout the season in a minimum of 4.5 hours weekly, which includes 1.5-hour Technique Training Block (TBD), (2) Ballet classes, (1) Turns and Technique, and a weekly 1-hour choreography rehearsal; Rally; Concert Series (currently on pandemic hold)

FOCUS Company – For the Intermediate/Advanced Dancer This competing program requires more commitment than the above programs.


  • Minimum (1) Convention, (4) Competitions
  • Dedicated commitment to training throughout the season, in FOCUS’ proven successful (Company-only competitive dancers) block-style training; Rally and some additional events; Concert Series (currently on pandemic hold)

Open Company and P.T. Classes
In addition to the exclusive (Company) training blocks, competitive and non-competitive dancers (by assessment) have the extra opportunity to take Open Company Classes to challenge and inspire.

How to Begin

To be eligible for our prestigious unlimited monthly class rate Company, Club FOCUS, competition programs, fill out the application, attend the Intensive/Audition Clinic, and begin the experience and inspiring journey of competitive dance at FOCUS. For the Starter Program, contact the FOCUS office via e-mail connect@focusdance.com.


Make-up Audition/Intensive 

Make-up Auditions will take place in evening Competing training blocks. E-mail connect@focusdance.com to register. Audition fee is $350 (includes six 2-hour training blocks in all genres, plus Audition.)

Instructions to get started:

  • Please submit your FOCUS Audition application (attached) to connect@focusdance.com. The audition fee will be collected via credit card, upon your approval.
  • Dancers will not be permitted to audition until the Audition application has been completed and the Audition fee paid.
  • Audition is based upon one of three age groups, using your age as of January 1st of the following year. Ages younger than 5 years, please contact FOCUS at connect@focusdance.com.

Please contact connect@focusdance.com with any questions.

Application To Be A Part Our Competition Program

Download Printable Version of Application