Thank You for Supporting All Our FOCUS Dancers at the Honors Performance!

What a magical week of dance it was at the Barclay Theatre! Thank you to all of our outstanding and supportive audience members for coming out to watch the FOCUS dancers while they shared their hard work, accomplishments, and talents from their season of training, through the art of performance.

Here’s to our coordinators and volunteers for the outstanding backstage help in keeping everything running so smoothly for the dress rehearsals and concerts. Their dedication, organization, and enthusiasm created such a positive atmosphere to work in, and we are so grateful to them for giving so generously of their time, kindness, and TLC!

Thank you to the Universal and Competing dancers and teachers who were so fabulous in their presentations. Every dance created and performed was a thrilling moment that made memories to treasure. We are so proud of all our FOCUS dancers and teachers for their true dedication, commitment, teamwork, passion, and love of dance and the arts.

Last but not least, thank you to all the parents for your love and dedication to your children and your selflessness in supporting what inspires your children most, the artistry of dance and performance!

If you missed our thank yous in the Honors Performance program, please click here to read them…and check out our Facebook page for more memories captured backstage in pictures!