Three Award-Winning FOCUS Competing Programs!

Are you new to FOCUS, missed our auditions, and interested in competing? Would you like to know more about our three award-winning programs?

Come be inspired and challenged to start your FOCUS Competition journey today!
Here are just a few of our competing dancers and choreographers celebrating their successes at competitions and conventions!

One of our dancers celebrating her amazing win at competition with one of our competing teachers!
Dancers congratulating their friend on his success at dance convention!
More outstanding FOCUS dancers celebrating their first overall win
at competition with their teacher!
Life-long friendships that are created from being part of FOCUS competing!

FOCUS offers three award-winning competing programs:

  • “FOCUS Company” for the Intermediate/advanced dancer
  • “Club FOCUS” for the Beginning/Intermediate dancer
  • Competition Starter Program for the beginner
Each program is designed to give professional dance training, while building self-confidence, teamwork, determination, responsibility, commitment, a fulfilling dance experience, and life long friendships.
Questions? Email us at, and let your competition journey begin!

And check out one of our outstanding award-winning competing groups here!